Freedom Day service delivery protest bring Greyton to a halt.

Mayor and deputy arrive to address the 100+ service delivery protestors.

This morning just after 0600 dissatisfied residents of Greyton’s  informal settlements closed the road to Caledon. SAPS and local law enforcement attended the scene promptly. After initial attempts to move the protest failed members of the Twk executive namely the mayor Karel Papier and the deputy mayor John Michels were sent for and they arrived at approx. 09h30.

The protestors were protesting the lack of service delivery and specifically the lack of progress on housing. Once the mayor arrived some of the protest representatives moved to the Moravian Hall to continue discussions with TWK officials.

The rest of Greyton was quiet and the only disruptions were to traffic flow in and out of Greyton. Many visitors were prevented for entering or leaving town.

Main entrance to Greyton Closed.
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Anglican Church Bizaar this Monday.

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Hard day at the Greyton Gun Club, Cold, windy and wet.

J.Segwick, M. Heynecke, S. Dos Santos and H. Brand from L-R in the wooly conditions.

Last Saturday members and friends of the GGC met for the first event of the year. Early morning conditions were near perfect but it changed quickly for the worst just after the first shots were fired. It did not get any better as the day went on and all competitors found the going tough.

Greyton members were joined by three members of Hermanus, Hoffie Brand, Theo Du Toit and Saul Dos Santos. Competitors shot a round of Greyton Sporting and American Field Sporting prior to lunch. James Sedgwick put in an impressive 40/50 on the first course. The other competitors were not so lucky and most shooters egos suffered the most.

Competitors try to focus in the windy conditions.

After the rough morning members repaired to Ambiance Restaurant for the AGM. Of special note is a member’s field shooting day to be held in May and that the range will be open for DTL trap shooting in between events. This is to provide members with extra opportunities to prepare for the 2023 ICTSF World DTL Championship. This special event will be held next year at the Valley Gun Club near Cape Town. Minutes of the meeting will be sent shortly to members who were not able to attend.

There will be no clay shooting at the end of May so as to make the day available for the field events that will be held on a local farm.

HOA D.Legg 110 2nd J.Segwick 82 3rd

Score Card “Click here”

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The Cape Epic is in Greyton again 2022

Some of the first riders arrive a maximum speed.

If you had kept an eye out you would have noticed that in the previous three days supplies and support for a large event were arriving. At first just the basics but by last night every second vehicle in Greyton was associated with this one of kind race. If you are a mountain biker than this has got to be close to nirvana. Everyone who is anyone in the business and a show not to forget and that’s just for the spectators.

Cross Market street next to the DRC home to support staff for a main staging area.

Teams and staff from around the world converged on the area for some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. Yesterday morning didn’t disappoint when cyclists and support staff took over the main road next to the DRC. Greytonians were notified of the team’s arrival by two circling camera helicopters and a cavalcade of motorcycle outriders each with a camera man.

It was reported the Spanish team had 8 camera men and women for every rider. The first riders hit Greyton with a bang just after 09h30 and it was interesting that some of the big names were not the first but well back in the pack. SA was well acquitted with the SA juniors hot on the button. Weather conditions on the first day were mild however Thursday morning had a wet start. The cool conditions seemed to be good and some very fast times were recorded across the board.

Overcast conditions on Thursday morning made for good times across the board.

Most visitors and competitors that had not visited Greyton before were vocal in their acknowledgement of exactly why we had picked up the title of Town of the year. Several including the races announcer were convinced in their excitement that this year’s title was one of many.

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Epic Greyton, another mountain biking treat.

The Absa Cape Epic is back in the area this week and will be making full use of all that we have to offer. This year the base of operation will be a little different as it is Elandskloof Estate near Helderstroom. This is located some 15 km from Greyton on the Villiersdorp road.

So, when do they arrive?

55Km into Stage three on the 23rd  Wednesday

When is the best time to see them all?

On the Stage 4 on the 24th Thursday which is situated in the mountains and trails around Greyton and Genadendal.

When do they leave the area?

On the morning of the 5th Stage on the 25th Friday from Rusty gate farm.

Word has it that almost every bit of accommodation in town is spoken for.  Many of the support crew and families know Greyton well from previous events and we are looking to welcoming them again for another magic mountain experience.

Weather: the 23rd could be interesting as it is partly cloudy with max wind speed 37km. The 24th looks great though. Good luck to all!

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KERK Bazaar tomorrow.

Don’t forget it is the DRC Bazaar tomorrow and many of the usual favorites will be on offer. Starts at 09h00 so best not to be late.

So if you are thinking of stockin up for the weekend here is some of the favorites.

Fresh meat

Greyton wors ( Sausage)

Sausage Rolls, pies


Café with cake and coffee

Big cakes, pudding, biscuits, pancakes, flowers, milktarts

White elephant sale: books,linen,bargains& lots of bric-a-brac

Enquires: 082 936 3462 & 079 835 0652 / email:

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Lightning strikes Greyton Power.

Marius Redelinghuys of TWK checks the Kloof Street line for impact sites.

On Sunday afternoon the 9th of Jan 2022 there was a thunder and lightning storm in the area. Greyton received good rain but unlike Genadendal didn’t have flooding again. Genadendal was not so lucky and there were several areas of localised flooding, many of these were the same as last month.

The power is still out in the top half of Greyton as Municipal and local crews struggle to identify damaged overhead lines. A substantial impact site in Park Road was repaired this morning. Should they fail to detect the rest of the faults half of Greyton will be without power again tonight. The municipality has undertaken to bring in addition assistance if it is not solved by afternoon.

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Sight and sound power the Greyton and Genadendal dirt fighters clean up today.

On the move, Nikki Jackman and the Dirt Fighters

This morning the Genadendal contingent of the a local clean up initiative and the writer were in for a real treat led by Nikkie Jackman of “The Up Organization. Within a few seconds of the participants putting on their Secret Sunrise head phones faces lit up in amazement. The wholistic music and dance program with tailored play list allowed happiness and a real sense of purpose fill everyone.

Secret Sunrise headphone hand out.

This morning’s initiative involved parents, teachers and learners from local schools in a community led initiative to clean up some of our beautiful surrounds that are suffering from a litter problem. This has been amplified by recent heavy rains in the area which caused severe damage and flooding. Clothing, protective equipment and food were sponsored by local business and this is the first of several such events. Sadly, the weather was not the best but plenty of enthusiasm by all chased away the light rain and cool conditions.

Getting started with Nikki all the participants have their gloves on.

The UP organization will also be entertaining the Greyton contingent with the same routin later today. It was founded in 2003 by Nikki and has helped more than 2000 children this year already, bringing light and hope to those who need it most in the Overberg. Nikki can be seen performing her one person play this Saturday at the Greyton market. Also make sure to look out for her as host in new exciting national project which we hope to see on our screens shortly. For more info about the Up Organisation email

Parents and teachers look on with their own dance moves.
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Cry me a river, Greyton Floods.

Red Cross Vehicle making its way down Vigne Lane in heavy stream.

This afternoon at approximately 16.30 heavy rain started in Greyton and by 18.00 many streets and properties had suffered damage. The rain was signaled by a small amount of thunder but nothing unusual. An estimated 150mm fell during this initial period and it is still climbing.

Corner of Justice and Vigne

A resident who has lived in Greyton since 1981 said that this is the worst she has experienced.  She also said that there was a lesser event in 2008 and 1998. Lower Vigne Lane and Oak Street seem to have suffered the most damage as water moved through this area, cross roads like Justice were under 30cm of water.

Kloof Street

On initial inspection the distribution of water seems to have been uneven as Mays Lane was relatively lightly affected compared to adjacent streets. With such a large amount of water in such a small amount normal gutters and storm water systems were quickly overwhelmed. More rain is falling at the time of writing this, now no doubt adding to those suffering. The Municipality reports that it is bringing sand bags from Caledon.

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5th Greyton Artwalk this weekend.

The show will start at 13h00 on the Friday the 19th and all exhibits will close at 14h00 on Sunday the 21st of November 2021. It is a full program and our artists have been preparing for months.

We are very proud to once again be associated with this special event. It provides a unique space allowing so many artists from different mediums the opportunity to exhibit. As always, we hope that you enjoy this event taking the time to investigate all that it offers.

There are some new exhibitions and demonstrations that should be on everyone’s list. This year sculpture will be displayed in Art Centre 2 which will be a tented instillation on the grounds of the Dutch Reformed Church. Art Center 1 concentrating on painting and drawing will remain in the Hall. This is always a good spot to start your ArtWalk.

For more info click on the link below.

Greyton Artwalk 2021

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