A first class initiative. Big win for everyone.

Ground Force Main

Team photo headed by Ashley Snyders (left)

For those with an observant eye you may have noticed the alien vegetation around the Gun Club has been slowly disappearing. Without this enormous effort the black wattle and other nasties would be roof high and completely strangling the now recovering fynbos. It is interesting to note that the black wattle is able to exclude all but a few competitors. Indigenous plant species are just not able to get a root down in the competition for resources. The resulting ecological desert of sorts is of little use to either man nor beast.

Ground Force

Ashley directs him team to the thickest part of the infestation.

So, when a private initiative supported by a few locals not only deals with this serious threat, but also provides employment to some of our most in need this is a very good thing. If you look carefully at the photo you may in fact you notice a few faces that are normally found permanently encamped outside the bottle store! Now not so as three days a week they hard at work clearing.

On several occasions I have had the opportunity to chat to some of the employed and it is truly miraculous how just a small job and something to take home after work is helping. Pride and sense of accomplishment is immediately apparent and a small degree of hope has replaced hopelessness.

All congratulations to a project well-conceived and executed. If by chance you could see yourself clear to assisting in anyway please contact Lisa and Martin on 082 787 5958.

Making a difference that really lasts! Double Whammy


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Very Hot Rose Festival 2018

Miss Rosebud

Miss Rose Bud and her princesses

The Rose fair was started as usual by a parade of vintage vehicles, marching bands complete with drum majorettes and Miss Greyton Rose and her princesses. Initial forecasts earlier this week had the expected temperature in the very high 30’s however on the day while still hot it was no known where near predicted.

Mev Roos 2

Miss Rose Fair and her princesses

The market was full, and this year there were several new stalls and also some new exhibits all looking to grab the attention of visitors. Also there was plenty of entertainment for the kids, a first class magic show had all large numbers and many of the parents completely occupied for several hours.

Aston Martin.JPG

A few seriously cool rides.

Sunday saw the arrival of some seriously cool rides with participants in the Car Magazine Performance Car Shootout making a stop in town. The rides also sponsored by Brigestone  and Shell V Power were event hotter than the relevant temperatures!

With the predicted high temperatures it is conceivable though that some decided that discretion was the better part of valour and in the writer’s opinion numbers appeared to be down on last year. It should also be mentioned that the drought last year has had an unexpected consequence of delaying the normally early rose varieties. Some notable open gardens will only be at the best in the next few weeks.


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Greyton Market back and improved.


This weekend at the market. Much better and ready to go.

Well the market is finally back and it seems that the wait has not been in vain. While the final touches still need to be made the new user friendly layout is definitely an upgrade. The first change that meets the eye is a large sitting area at the centre of market for table and chairs where one can enjoy all the delectable eats and treats on offer ever weekend. Also the new tin stall roofing is slightly wider than the old thatch giving all better cover when it rains.

Chatting to one of the regular stall holders she said that it was better than last but it could take a little while for the word to get out that things are back to usual. For reference see below progress from nothing after the fire till this weekend. This can only be good for Greyton and is an excellent start for spring. The weekend market and a little time to chat friends has always been a cornerstone of a good weekend in the country.

Greyton Market

Just after fire as the clean up starts.


Work gets under way.


How it looks today.


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Greyton Gun Club back in full swing.


Leon Engelbrecht from Old Potters Inn & Brewhouse takes on a long crosser from the hill as RW Erwee (HOA Winner) looks on.

This Saturday locals and visitors gathered for the third event this year. The weather was near perfect which was a nice change from having to cancel at the last minute on account of an ominous cold front or some other man-made disaster. Trap shooting got underway on time but the sporting layout was delayed as preparations took longer than initially anticipated. Once complete shooting got underway in earnest.

The repairs and an improved layout have added considerably to the clubs offering. All seemed to enjoy taking on the Fitasc and Trap layouts. Visitors included Leon Engelbrecht from Old Potters Inn & Brewhouse who acquitted himself well on his first outing and Guy Emslie (Hon Member). Guy is a local farmer who keeps the club supplied with drums and bales. He is not always available so we are grateful to seem him when it is possible.

There was a good mix of targets on the sporting range including a fun double from the tower which seemed a lot easier than it was. Most managed to hit one of the pair, so for John Reader hitting both with one shot deserves a very well done. He also managed a personal best. Top score on both the Trap and Sporting ranges was RW Erwee with 42. If all goes well and the weather plays ball the next shoot will be on the 29thof September. Club enquiries Hubertus 072 877 1106


Guy Emslie makes light work of a cheeky driven target that deceived many.

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Snow in Greyton, simply stunning!

Clearing with great views just after lunch.

Snow 1 020718


Residents this morning woke up to snow-covered mountains and some very chilly temperatures. A good snow fall like this has sadly been absent for several years and is essential for restoring depleted ground water supplies. Greyton also had 30+ mm of rain that is most welcome.

We can also report that areas above the TWK dam in Villiersdorp had 67mm of rain and good snow falls. The dam can be expected to fill quickly now and the melting snow will supply the area with an extended period of run off. The snow is not expected to last long as temperatures are forecast to rise considerably by weekend and this will most certainly take care of the snow. Hopefully this will not be the last of the year.

Snow 020718

Early morning very cold with some showers.

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Unseasonably late fire light’s up the mountains around Greyton.

FIre B

At 1632 this afternoon the first signs of smoke appeared from the old farm just below Abdul’s kop. The local fire service was notified and they were on the scene just before 5. Sadly it seems that were unable to contain the fire which appears to have started near the upper house in the forest. Furthermore a team of fire beaters and other firefighters on scene have been able to reduce the risk to Vlei Street property.

The picture above was taken just before sunset and clearly shows an anabatic wind system drawing the flames up the side of the mountain. By this time the lights of other emergency vehicles could be seen on the tracks below the mountain. Fortunately at the time of writing there is little or no wind apart from that created by the fire.

Fires this late in the area are unusual and it shows how dry the vegetation is. This can be directly attributed to the drought.

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GGC 240318

Thankfully after a very slow process the Greyton Gun Club is back up and running at full speed. The machines have been serviced and infrastructure rebuilt after it was completely wiped out in the 2016 fire.

This weekend’s shoot went very well and we were very pleased to see some old faces. Guy Emslie Honorary member put in an appearance an acquitted himself well after have been away for some years. In spite of his absence on the range this has not stopped him reliably supplying the club with bails. Unfortunately these are regularly savaged by rogue donkeys. This is in spite of them being treated old car oil. We also had visitors Manfred, Andre, Xandre and Hoffie.

Shooting conditions were near perfect with a temp of 22C overcast and virtually no wind all day. 24 pairs and two singles were shot over 8 very different stands. There was nothing particular far and you could get around comfortably with ¼ and ½. Some members last shot in November and paid the price on the easiest layouts making hard work out what can only be described as card fillers. Five months of nothing will do that to you. Even a couple of sessions on the PS3 would have helped.

We will shoot sporting doubles at the next shoot the 26th of May. There will be no April shoot on account of ESC holding an Autumn Sporting shoot at Nidderdale Farm on the 21st in the Hemel and Aarde Valley. The venue is situated just below Babylon’s Tower and looks out over two dams towards Hermanus. It is worth visiting just for the view. For more info visit Elgin Sporting Clays on FB or if you have already deleted your account contact Simon on 082 339 4998.

In the end top three were as follows. D.Legg 40 S.Smith 34 J.Preece 33.


Just after the fire in November 2016

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