Greyton and the surrounds are a sight to see this weekend.

This weekend Greyton and surrounds have put on a show to remember. The mountains are covered with snow and fields are patchwork or bright yellow canola fields highlighted by emerald green surrounds.

We have also had plenty for rain and closer to to the mountains you can hear and see the cascading waterfalls. If you are thinking of venturing out for a walk make sure you pack in the boots and a good jacket. Also night time temperatures for the next few days are forecast to be some of the lowest this year.

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Greyton takes a huge leap with a win in “Dorp van die Jaar” Kwela Channel 144

Actual on show footage take in studio. Well done all!

Against some very tough odds Greyton has won the 11th edition of Kwela 114 “Dorp van die Jaar” town of the year. Pam Golding Greyton is very grateful for the invitation from Chris Cloete (who guided Greyton’s successful campaign) & GTA for their invitation to assist in its promotion. His total dedication, perseverance and determination paid off.

This year’s competition was very tough and a wise man would not have backed the littlest town from the western cape. Greyton enjoy much publicity from the this event one of the most notable will be an add run on Channel 144 for a whole year!

The win will also be linked to some exciting new initiatives by Kia that will be announced shortly. Organizers are hoping to incorporate some existing events in the promotion for the next year. Many thanks to all who supported our town on a fantastic journey.

Chris Cloete and Douglas Legg of PGP with the big add cheque.

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Snow turns the mountains around Greyton into a wonderland.

Two days after a heavy cold front passed over the Western Cape, Greyton and the surrounding mountains are looking stunning. It is is ice cold but crystal clear and the views go on for ever. The sky is also the deepest shade of blue.

The snow arrived late this year but makes up for in depth and scale. Good news for all gardeners as the slow melt from this fall will keep Greyton’s lei water running well into the summer.

Picture taken on the old cape road next to the RSE river.

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Greyton Wins the Western Cape round in “ Dorp van die Jaar 2021”

Filming for “Dorp Van Jaar”

This Sunday it was made official on DSTV Channel 144 KyKnet Greyton was announced as the winner of the Western Cape. Greyton will now compete nationaly for the title of “Dorp van die Jaar. It seems that a lot of residents and visitors agreed by voting in the competition.

After all the votes were counted Greyton beat Onrus and De Doorns for the provincial title and a chance at the national crown. It will now go to a final run off which starts on the 12th of July and voting will only be open for 5 days. So get ready for the big one.

Video insert on Greyton.

How do I vote for Greyton in the next round? From the 12 July SMS Greyton to 33157 as many times as you can. SMS are charged at R1.50 each.

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John Ramsey first time visitor and new arrival to Greyton.

For the first time in over a year the GGC was open for shooting on Saturday. Guests and visitors were greeted by some very long grass and even longer targets. Or so it seemed after a year of not shooting. The turnout was great and a visiting team of shooters came from the Hermanus Gun Club, many for the first time.

Long grass and event longer targets greet members and visitors on equal terms.

The format for the day was 50 English Sporting re-entry and, in the end, best scores out of 100 were taken by the Chairman. Both the winner and the runner up were from Hermanus with Koos Smit on 55 and Saul Dos Santos on 51.

Of special note was the super mini challenge on the first stand of the blue course for which a bottle of wine was on the offer. This target was not for mortals, but wine in these times seems to have unlocked super natural powers with four of the first five detail members hitting it. Which was 180 degrees against the standard of shooting on the day. Xandre Groenewald, Andre Groenewald, Koos Smit and Hoffie Brand made easy work of it.

Jamal Salem from Kuwait takes on a fast crosser.

The next shoot will be held at the end of April and we will be shooting Sporting for a Fitasc Rules event with the best round on each discipline to count. Each range may be shot no more than twice. For more info contact Hubertus on 072 877 1106.

For scores go to

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Hot weather marks the start of Greyton fire season.

Historic Moravian church under threat from fire in bushes behind.

Sadly the summer fire season is well and truly upon us now. This morning a fire started just on the right hand side of the bridge near Genadendal and by 13h30 it was out of control and burning in multiple directions. Some 7km way just behind the Moravian Church this fire broke out in some loose scrub at 14h00.

Within minutes of the Greyton fire being reported by concerned residents local fire fighters were on the scene and in action. These fires are the results of a good week of + 35C temperatures and could be caused by a number of sources. Broken glass, braai fires and discarded cigarettes are only a few of the usual suspects.

Gendadendal bride fire looking west from the main road.
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Mystery fire starts in Greyton Mountains.

This afternoon at 1355 AB Coert of Overberg Fire and Rescue received a call that once again the Greyton gorge was on fire.  In a similar incident last year millions of Rands of damage were done over several days. The fire lasted days and completely leveled a well-known wine estate and if it had not been for some Top Gun style flying by a local pilot on the yellow helo the top half of Greyton would have gone up in smoke.

This time the fire seems to have started higher up the mountain in an isolated kloof which is not on any walking trails. Certainly not ones on the map although with a little perseverance and some know how it is accessible. At the time of writing the fire was burning up the mountain towards a wild plantation of pines. Strangely the fire is burning in one of the only areas that did not burn in last years massive fire.

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Its on the 4th PGP Greyton Art Walk.

It’s on the 4th Art Walk is underway with the final preparations only just having been completed! The weather is also looking great this weekend unlike last year so put your favorite walking shoes and make a day of it here in Greyton.

The center of all the action is at the DRC hall and you will want to start you journey here. For those that are not familiar with Greyton just drive through town past the market and turn right just after the tennis courts.

Not time to waste there is something for everyone in this years displays. All galleries and displays are clearly market throughout town with the now famous yellow and green flags.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Pam Golding Greyton Art Walk News Release 2020

A warm welcome to Greyton and all our visiting artists. Over the weekend of 20-22 November we will be hosting the 4 th GREYTON ART WALK.  We are building on past successes and this year will be no different.

Due to Covid 19 The Art Walk will be smaller this year, but still with lots of amazing artwork.

It is our prime goal to make Greyton THE art village again. The organisers want to provide a venue to local, as well as artists from outside Greyton, to exhibit art in all mediums.

Entrance to all exhibitions and the art route will be free.

The organisers would like to thank all our artists and advertisers.

More than 400 artworks by 40 various artists will be on show and for sale at reasonable prizes in the Art Centre and 20 galleries. Several artists opened their homes to welcome you to view and buy original artworks of high quality. The “walk the experience”  between the various galleries/houses was very popular previous years.

GAW is very privileged to have the well known and loved PORTCHIE  visiting Greyton this year. He will exhibit and paint live at Via’s Eatery. WILLIE JACOBS will also painting at Willie Jacobs Art Gallery.

The children’s art competition under the capable leadership of Mariaan Ehlers, will be somewhat smaller this year due to the lockdown. There will be huge prizes for the winners in different age groups. Children’s Art can be seen in  the Art Centre.

To embody the “walk the experience” theme, the art route will start at the Art Centre in the D.R.C. Hall. We invite you to experience the ambiance of the village where you are most likely going to share your walk with horses, cattle or donkeys.

Greyton Art Centre in the D.R.C. Hall will again be the main exhibition area for 25+ artists with more than 200 original art works in many mediums.

All the important info about the art route and artists profiles, can be found in die GAW Explorer available from the Art Centre, Greyton Tourism and restaurants.

The beautiful Overberg and the Valley of Grace surrounded by spectacular mountains and farmlands are waiting to welcome you.

We invite you to come and enjoy Greyton where leiwater is running along the narrow streets to serve the historical houses. There are several restaurants to meet everyone’s tastes and many guest houses waiting to accommodate you.

With all this on the menu, the weekend of 20-22 November 2020 is a must for all true art lovers.

Get on the donkey or horse cart and enjoy the trip to all the various galleries all over the village, follow GAW art signs and yellow flags to find all the artists.



CHRIS                    RETHEA                   MARIAAN

082 495 4019          071 225 6163            076 034 5944


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Greyton’s Bumpy gravel roads may be coming to end.

If you have taken a drive or walked around town the state of the roads will have definitely left an impression. This year’s great rain has been a bit of a double-edged sword having left our gravel roads in a terrible condition. Last weeks 68mm was no help and large pools are still visible in the pot holes.

Luckily this may be coming to end with appointment of a contractor by TWK to grade the worst roads first. The grader will be starting in Buitekant / Caledon and then move on to Vlei, Regent, Kloof and the Cross Market.

It is hoped that most of the winter rains are behind us and this remedial work will last for a while.

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