In 1791 Greyton began as a farm owned by Marthinus Theunissen and was known by the name Weltevreden. After passing through several owners it landed in the hands of Herbert Vigne in 1845. Who planned the layout the town with the first plots on sale in 1854. Shortly after this the first estate agents arrived.

Like today the first residents of Greyton were a diverse lot. Their main activity was farming and houses were built on the road with vegetable gardens extending to the rear. A lei water system provided residents with fresh mountain water and all property owners enjoyed grazing rights over the surrounding commonage.

Today the core idea Herbert Vigne had is alive and well. Pretty oak lined streets with flowing lei water and the odd cow on the commonage are still everyday sights. As a resident you can still keep animals on your property provided it is the right size.

There are few places in the Western Cape that have the same relaxed charm, just spending a few days here is enough time for Greyton to work its magic.

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