Greyton Creative Arts Festival – an Overberg feast for the senses



Nestled against the majestic Riviersondereind mountains lies the quirky village of Greyton and for the second year running it is host to the Creative Arts Festival from 26 – 28 August.

To add variety and unconventionality, organisers have cast their net beyond Greyton to include over 40 artists from the Overberg region.

Aside from the DRC hall and Anglican Church hall, works are being exhibited at shops, restaurants, studios, private homes and accommodation establishments throughout the village.

The festival programme line-up aims to attract a wide audience. Included is an outing to a working dairy farm, a guided hike to the Genadendal bushman paintings, close encounters with farm animals, informative talks, an introduction to clay pigeon shooting, an architectural heritage walk of the village, beer tasting at Greyton’s very own brewery, gluhwein by candlelight and a late night movie evening. Children are encouraged to attend various talks on treatment of animals and plant education.

Greyton’s famous Saturday market with its upmarket crafters and local food stalls is extending opening hours to accommodate the expected increase in visitors.

Workshops suitable for young and old have been arranged to take place at various times over the weekend.

“Many small villages as ours rely on tourism as their primary source of income,” explains John McGlashan chair of Greyton Tourism.  “An event such as the Art Festival is very important to us as it attracts new and repeat visitors to town stimulating local economic development.”

“The local economies of many towns depend on the revenue, employment, and income that festivals and events bring to the community” Claire Watt LED manager points out. “Amongst the benefits of holding an event such as Greyton Creative: favourable reviews by attendees, number of return visitors – both local and out of town, and the variety of attractions that festival-goers can enjoy indicate that this event is both a successful economic stimulus and an effective community development tool.”

For the program and other events, visit as well as the Greyton Creative Facebook page on and

GC colour logo

Click here for full press release.

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A busy week for Greyton.


Some of Greyton’s younger netball winners.

In spite of some very cold and to some extent wet weather Greyton is still very much on the go. A large well attended inter school sports day kicked off the long weekend on the Thursday (Youth Day). Unlike years gone past it did not rain and the fields were dry. Local schools participate in rugby, soccer and netball events supported by local businesses and NGO’s.


Greyton took on Bereaville in a do or die U13 final of note!

Friday saw Greyton packed with the end stage for the MTB mountain bike races. Accommodation was full for the weekend end the market was buzzing on Saturday morning. School holidays start this week Friday allowing many to getaway. Morning temperatures have been freezing with small amounts of frost in places. No snow yet, but it can’t be far way at this rate.


Also the cold crystal clear night sky is an ideal time to see the stars. The night sky tonight and on any clear night offers an ever-changing display of fascinating objects you can see, from stars and constellations to bright planets, often the moon, and sometimes special events like meteor showers. Many of these events are almost completely blocked in Cape Town by light and particle pollution. So next time you are in Greyton have a look up and you may just be blown away. Even a small set of binoculars will enhance the show.

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Gale force winds in Greyton!


Vlei Street Oaks take a pounding.

Last Friday afternoon a strong cold front pasted over the Western Cape bringing heavy rains and gale force winds. Greyton missed most of the rain but certainly got its share of the wind. Sadly many of the older oaks took a heavy knock bringing down the power lines in two places in Vlei Street. Greytons woes were further compounded by the 6600 V line between Greyton and Caledon being damaged in two places.


Emile, Randi and Burton from TWK busy on the corner of West and Vlei.

TWK, Eskom and Greyton electrical were on the scene from first light Saturday but it took until 15h00 on Sunday to restore power fully. This not doubt inconvenienced many business operators and visitors alike. Greyton is quite a resilient place and at the time of writing most of the downed trees have already been cleared and we are well on the mend.


Emile Slams clearing the last of the branches as repairs are made.

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Greyton -Our Post Office “Swiftly but with Style”

Post Office.

L-R Jernay White, Melton Europa and Martin Conelius (Post Master Greyton).

When we’re asked about what makes Greyton special & unique most people give the same answers – mountains, panoramic views, oak lined lanes the tranquil pace of everyday life. How many of us give a thought to all the people in the background who keep the village running smoothly- like the fine folks at our little post office.

Martin Cornelius is the Post master and has been here for seven years, if you have ever had a chance to chat to him you would find a fountain of knowledge about all things Overberg. He is assisted by Melton Europa the postman, you’ll see him cycling around town in all weather. You’re guaranteed a smile, rain or shine and then there’s Jernay White, who keeps things going from behind the scenes. If you need a photo copy, documents scanned, to pay your TV license or even a dreaded traffic fine from CT, Martin’s your man.

From registered speed post (quicker than a courier would collect) to sending and receiving money, the post office is now the place. Did you know that you can now send up to R5 000.00 to or anyone via the post office?  Just go along with your ID & proof of residence and if you’re feeling lucky even get a lotto ticket while you are about it.

They are open from 0800-1630 weekdays & 09h00-12h00 on Saturdays. You can call them on 028 254 9268 if you not sure about something and remember for same day service it needs to be there before 09h00.

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A worthy allocation of anyone’s Greyton time.

Greyton Organic Market

If you find yourself with a little spare time on a Wednesday morning in Greyton you might consider popping along to Via’s in the Main road to the organic market just before 10h00. It’s seasonal freshness at prices you can’t beat. You literally get it right out of the garden packed with all the good stuff. Real red tomatoes that smell and taste like they should, bread hot out of the oven that you can smell coming down the road and some great advice on how to get the best out of what you just bought from the grower.

Once done you might also find five for an in house fresh roast coffee and a catch up with a few friends. In fact consider your self invited, and while you are about it bring a friend.




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Local tennis stars ace the competition. By Douglas Legg


Tennis Team

Four keen tennis players decided to enter the Boland North Tennis Men’s second league in 2014 playing under the auspices of the hitherto defunct Caledon Tennis Club. The idea behind entering the second league was to measure the team’s strength says Bokkie du Plessis, the Greyton member of the quartet. This he believes was after an absence of plus minus 10 years since the former vibrant Caledon Tennis Club ceased to exist.

Using the former Caledon Tennis Club’s facility as their home base, the foursome consisting of Alfred Dowling, Charles Robinson, Braham Harris, all of Caledon and Bokkie du Plessis won this league rather comprehensively. This success prompted them to play in the Men’s first league in 2015 which they again won, all be it after a very competitive competition.

The league is played in the Boland Country areas and consists of clubs representing Bonnivale, The Koue Bokkeveld, Ceres, Worcester, Robertson, Wolseley and Caledon. What was noticeable was the excellent facilities that all these towns possess which is a far cry from the local facility here in Greyton.

The guys practice on a weekly basis and should anyone be keen to join the Caledon Tennis Club with a view to playing league or just to practice kindly contact Bokkie on 0825763370.

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Saved by the Rain !

Rainy 1

Well as the rest of the country is still suffering under an oppressive heatwave Greyton is breathing a collective sigh of relief. Fortunately Greyton and the surrounding areas received a much needed soaking of light rain that ended up giving us between 19 and 35mm. The 35mm being recorded under the mountain at the entrance to the nature reserve by Stuart Shearer. From this one can assume that substantially more rain fell in the mountains which will top up Greyton’s water supply nicely.

For most it was not the rain but the relief in temperature that was the most welcome. Today it’s a pleasant 22C from a high of just under 40 in the shade in the previous few days. In spite of the rain Greyton is still looking quite scorched and it will take a lot more than this to get back our usual self. While the temperatures are not that new to Greyton they are usually reserved for only a few days mid-February. We can only hope that it does not continue to get hotter as we move to this critical part of the year.

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