Traditional Start to the Easter celebrations with a wet Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday.jpg

This Sunday parishioners were blessed with a few drops of rain as they walked through Greyton celebrating Palm Sunday. For some reason it seems that it rains more often than it should statistically over the Easter weekend in the Cape.

Long range forecast for the weekend indicate that this year it may be no different, it will certainly be a chilly one at best. Initial indications are the Greyton is in for a busy weekend. Census info indicates that Greyton’s population rises to its highest of the year over this period. A large portion being visitors and guests. With this in mind it should also be a bumper market so get there early if you don’t want to be disappointed.


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Much hyped Greyton protests pass off peacefully without incident.

Protest 190219

This morning Heuwelkroon and Boschmanskloof residents blocked the main road before marching to the Greyton TWK municipal offices to hand over a memorandum of demands which was received by municipal officials. The protest was to highlight community concerns over the increasing size of Madiba Park, a new informal settlement adjoining these two communities. A recent increase in crime in the area has been blamed on these residents. Furthermore, residents have been angered by suggestions that Twk Municipality will supply these residents with houses and services prior to the original residents of the area who have been waiting for 20 years.

The memorandum handed to TWK this morning requires a response within 7 days to address the outstanding grievances of residents. Failing this more action is planned by unhappy residents. Marchers dispersed and went about there business just before 9am returning the situation to normal. It is prudent to note that much hype was made about this event by ill-informed Greyton residents resulting in business and schools being closed without due cause. The scenes was attended by local SAPS and POPS members.


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Greyton Gun Club first event for 2019


Hoffie Brand takes aim.

On the last Saturday of January members and friends of the Greyton Gun Club gathered for the first event of this year.  Shooting at this time of the year can be a little hit and miss at this time of the year when it comes to the weather. Greyton January and February’s are notorious for well above 35C sometimes. Well luckily not this time with day time temperatures peaking on the right side of 30C.

The competition this month consisted of one round of sporting and one round of Trap for a combined out of 50. Douglas Legg took the day with a very competent 45/50 followed by visitor John Preece from the UK. John travels each year making his home in the Overberg over the summer months and traveling to the shoots of the Overberg.

This year shooting sees a slight difference in pricing with the cost of shooting remaining at R50.00 per details however a R100.00 green fee in force of CTSASA registered club members and a R250.00 range fee for non-member visitors.


John Reader and James Sedgwick build a plan before tackling the final layout.



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Greyton Protests. Twk Municipality Press Release. 16th Jan 2019

Press release: Crisis in Madiba Park Greyton caused by National Department of Rural Development
The Madiba Park situation developed two years ago when a group of people were chased out of Bereaville, Genadendal. The homeless people moved to a piece of land on Farm 39 in Greyton. This portion of land is known as Madiba Park. Farm 39 is Moravian Trust Land of which the Minister of Rural Development is the custodian.
After being chased from Madiba Park too the Municipality took a humanitarian decision to accommodate the homeless people in tents on a piece of Municipal land. The people later moved back to Madiba Park without consulting the municipality. Statements that the municipality moved the people there are lies.
The people of Madiba Park requested access to basic services from the municipality. The municipality could not comply as the Minister of Rural Development has custody of the land.
The municipality on numerous occasions informed the former minister of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr Gugile Nkwinti that the local government did not have land that was ready to move the people of Madiba Park to. The municipality constantly requested the Minister to allow the people of Madiba Park to remain there as an interim arrangement. The municipality informed the minister that it would implement interim basic services, funded by the Western Cape Government, on Madiba Park if the minister granted approval for this.
Despite the fact that the municipality and the national and provincial administrations of Rural Development agreed on how to deal with basic services on Madiba Park the Minister did not respond.
Municipal land had been identified for a housing project and the local authority commenced with the planning of an EIA process. This housing project will amongst others benefit the people of Madiba Park. This project will take two years to develop and I appeal to the current minister of Rural Development, Ms Maite Nkoana-Mashabane to approve an interim arrangement whereby the people of Madiba Park will remain there for two years.
The removal of the interim chemical toilets over the weekend was due to a misunderstanding and when I heard of it I instructed the administration to take the toilets back until more conventional ablution facilities can be implemented.
Recent media comments of politicians about this matter indicates that they are using a very sensitive and volatile situation in Greyton-area for political gain. I am concerned that political agendas might result in violence in Greyton.
As the Mayor I spoke to the community and I will do so again tonight. With the people, I will do my best to convince Ms Maite Nkoana-Mashabane to work with the people and the municipality and to accept the municipal solution for the crisis in Madiba Park.
Christelle Vosloo
Executive Mayor
Enquiries: Hugo Geldenhuys
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Greyton Art Walk 2018 ON NOW!

Artwalk 18

This year some 50 artist are on show around Greyton. Members of the public can meander around town meeting and visiting the artists in situ. One of the unique features of this format is that all art works on sale are free of commission allowing you go direct.

The Art Walk has grown considerably from last year with the number of original works increasing from 300 last year to 500 this year and a national sponsorship of Pam Golding Properties. Of particular interest to PGP was the Art Walks complete focus on the promotion of the artist and their craft. As you walk around it is very likely that you may actually see the artists in action, sharing their techniques and talking you through their experiences. Also of note members of the Urban Sketching Organisation will also be at work in the most unexpected places. So keep an eye out!

One of the biggest hits last year and even bigger one this year is the kid’s art section. Great prizes and good direction by the very capable Mariaan Ehlers offers an exceptional opportunity to all our future Picasso’s. Please note that the Kids Art Centre is located at the Moravian Hall and the Main Art Centre is local at the DRC hall near the market and tennis courts.

Greyton Artwalk


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A first class initiative. Big win for everyone.

Ground Force Main

Team photo headed by Ashley Snyders (left)

For those with an observant eye you may have noticed the alien vegetation around the Gun Club has been slowly disappearing. Without this enormous effort the black wattle and other nasties would be roof high and completely strangling the now recovering fynbos. It is interesting to note that the black wattle is able to exclude all but a few competitors. Indigenous plant species are just not able to get a root down in the competition for resources. The resulting ecological desert of sorts is of little use to either man nor beast.

Ground Force

Ashley directs him team to the thickest part of the infestation.

So, when a private initiative supported by a few locals not only deals with this serious threat, but also provides employment to some of our most in need this is a very good thing. If you look carefully at the photo you may in fact you notice a few faces that are normally found permanently encamped outside the bottle store! Now not so as three days a week they hard at work clearing.

On several occasions I have had the opportunity to chat to some of the employed and it is truly miraculous how just a small job and something to take home after work is helping. Pride and sense of accomplishment is immediately apparent and a small degree of hope has replaced hopelessness.

All congratulations to a project well-conceived and executed. If by chance you could see yourself clear to assisting in anyway please contact Lisa and Martin on 082 787 5958.

Making a difference that really lasts! Double Whammy


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Very Hot Rose Festival 2018

Miss Rosebud

Miss Rose Bud and her princesses

The Rose fair was started as usual by a parade of vintage vehicles, marching bands complete with drum majorettes and Miss Greyton Rose and her princesses. Initial forecasts earlier this week had the expected temperature in the very high 30’s however on the day while still hot it was no known where near predicted.

Mev Roos 2

Miss Rose Fair and her princesses

The market was full, and this year there were several new stalls and also some new exhibits all looking to grab the attention of visitors. Also there was plenty of entertainment for the kids, a first class magic show had all large numbers and many of the parents completely occupied for several hours.

Aston Martin.JPG

A few seriously cool rides.

Sunday saw the arrival of some seriously cool rides with participants in the Car Magazine Performance Car Shootout making a stop in town. The rides also sponsored by Brigestone  and Shell V Power were event hotter than the relevant temperatures!

With the predicted high temperatures it is conceivable though that some decided that discretion was the better part of valour and in the writer’s opinion numbers appeared to be down on last year. It should also be mentioned that the drought last year has had an unexpected consequence of delaying the normally early rose varieties. Some notable open gardens will only be at the best in the next few weeks.


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