Greyton Art Walk set for the 16-18th Nov 2018- Simply Wow!


This Wednesday members of the Greyton’s local art scene gathered at Fiore Garden Centre and Restaurant for a glass or two and something to eat while Chris Cloete briefed potential artists and exhibitors on this year’s event. Chris was very pleased to announce that last year’s success had not gone unnoticed and this year Pam Golding had come on board as patron supporter.

Artists and exhibitors will be in for a treat this year with a much expanded route and program. He was also pleased to announce that many of last year’s favourites will be back. It is prudent to mention that some 50 artworks were sold last year. Unlike many events there is no commission payable to the event or organisers. The public seemed to have to relish the opportunity to interact directly with the artists and among the noticeable successes was the children’s art section. This saw entries from all over the Western Cape. Winners received over R4000.00 in prize money last year and the prize pool will be even bigger this time around!


A few of our local masters thoughtfully contemplate this years art trends.


The expanded route will allow all to take in the whole village and registered participants can look forward to a few refreshments along the way. If last year is anything to go by then this year it will be one to remember. For those artists that have not register yet a link to the entry form is provided below.


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Greyton Rose Fair 2017

Rose 2017 2

Well the weather for this year’s event was just perfect! In spite of many water concerns the state of this year’s gardens the roses were bang on. Lei water was temporarily restored in the weeks prior to the festival and this seems to have done the trick.

Rose 2017 1

As usual the event was started on Saturday morning with a parade through town. At the head of the parade Mrs. Rose Fair was transported in a rather grand Rolls Royce. There were also some very interesting cars on show and something for everyone at the market including several interesting additions to the attractions see below. On the face of it numbers were up on last year but we will have to wait for the official numbers.

Rose 2017 4

For the gardener at heart displays in the hall and the open gardens did not disappoint. It has been very interesting how quickly Greyton’s gardeners are adapting to the tough water conditions. Many new and interesting solutions were visible in theand also for those with a keen eye a lot of more sustainable plants are making an appearance.

Rose 2017 3


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Greyton Security Update

Notes from the Safety & Security meeting held in Greyton on 09 October 2017

Alan Armstrong
Alan outlined the purpose of the gathering, which was not to discuss all the options available to our community to improve safety and security, but to present and discuss the findings of an investigation into the use of CCTV cameras, which appears to be by far the single most effective way to curb crime in residential and village areas such as Greyton if the equipment is correctly placed, monitored and responded to.
Greyton has had an approximate three year period of relatively low crime. This has shown signs of increasing in the past few months with a recent spate of burglaries – some involving knife attacks.
The presence of the new community in Madiba Park, of unemployed or underemployed people, is almost certainly going to have an impact.

Leon Vosloo
Leon spoke of the success that LRV have experienced in other communities where they operate and where CCTV cameras have been successfully deployed.
When the community participates (active Neighbourhood Watch), and LRV and the SA Police Service (SAPS) work in close cooperation, crime related incidences can be reduced by 80 – 90%.
It is essential that CCTV camera networks are monitored 24×7, and that a response team is on hand to react.
LRV are committed to being involved in assisting in the project to rollout cctv cameras in Greyton.
LRV will provide premises for a control room if that is the way Greyton residents wish to proceed.
CCTV cameras can definitely play a huge role in combatting crime in our community.

Jeremy Prins
Jeremy spoke of the huge problem that the TWK Municipality has experienced across the region with theft and vandalism. TWKM have already started an initiative to install CCTV cameras in the broader TWK region. A control room in Caledon will monitor the cameras across the region.
Phase 1 will entail about 30 cameras being deployed.
It will be valuable for TWK and for Greyton residents to co-operate regarding the types of equipment and network technologies selected so that systems can integrate and share information.
Greyton can be a test case for our community, and further rollout can be done in Genadendal and other residential areas.

Abner Engels
The Onrus/Vermont Neighbourhood Watch (OnVerWag) together with the community have been involved with the preparation, planning and initial deployment of a CCTV camera network for the past three years.
They were experiencing 45 – 50 burglaries per month in addition to poaching and drug related activity.
Thirteen different companies have done site inspections and have made recommendations.
OnVerWag are in the process of installing 25 CCTV cameras, which are site and purpose specific with the appropriate level of technology
The system must be integrated with the SAPS, Traffic Department and Municipality systems in order to function effectively.
Their intention is to “enclose their entire area” with camera coverage. All entry and exit points to the area will be covered by CCTV cameras which are monitored 24hrs per day.
CCTV cameras are not the most expensive part of the exercise.
Monitoring and response teams are an on-going expense.
Funding can be achieved by the community applying to the municipality for a Special Rating Area. This is a levy which is applied to all ratepayers, and which is then collected by the local authority. The usage of these funds is monitored and managed by a non-profit organisation (NPO).
He attested to the fact that the SRA application however involves “quite a bit of red tape and many steps”.

W/O Van Wyk
Presented the License Plate Recognition (LPR) initiative that is being introduced to the Overberg and Overstrand areas. The initiative will link these areas to a comprehensive national network to target criminal activity linked to motor vehicle use.
It involves the extensive use of LPR Cameras which can immediately scan and recognise a license plate from a vehicle and automatically check if that vehicle/license plate has been flagged by law enforcement.
This system has been tested and has been found to be extremely effective in tracking criminals moving about, in the execution of, or escaping from a crime, or in transporting illegal goods or substances.
Greyton will benefit greatly from being able to integrate into this network.

Capt Tamboer
Crime is on the increase in our area and burglaries are of particular concern.
SAPS are busy with investigations into burglaries on a daily basis in Greyton.
SAPS resources are stretched and administrative overheads place a heavy burden on their resources.
Communities urgently need to organise themselves to assist SAPS with crime prevention.
The circle of arrest/prosecution/jail/release of criminals keeps SAPS resources very stretched, and prevents more of a focus on the underlying causes of crime.
The Community Police Forum (CPF) in our area has been inactive since last year. A process is underway involving the Department of Community Safety (DOCS) to re-instate a CPF that is representative of only legitimate organisations in our area.
Once the CPF is in place, the Neighbourhood Watch can be re-instated and application can be made for funding for security related projects.

John Pretorius
John presented various types of CCTV cameras and related network components.
There is a broad range of cameras available, from very simple low cost cameras with limited functionality, to very sophisticated cameras with long range and the ability to operate effectively at night.
The cost of these cameras and related equipment has come down appreciably over the past few years, and they are now widely deployed in many residential and business areas across the country.
John suggested a number of locations for the initial camera installation that would allow us to cover wide areas that are known routes used by criminals entering our community.
While local storage of video footage is best, residential, business and community cameras should all be routed to the monitoring center for live monitoring and response.
Cameras can be easily relocated if they are “discovered” by criminals, or if they are found to be unsuitable for use at that particular location.

Eddie Holloway
Eddie presented video footage from CCTV cameras that are deployed in areas monitored by CamLiveVision.
The footage showed actual incursions by criminals and the response that is possible if security companies and SAPS are alerted once the perpetrator has been spotted. Video footage is also a valuable tool used by SAPS and the courts to secure prosecution of the criminal.

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Fender Bender in the Main Road.

FB 120917

Just before 10h00 this morning two residents collided just outside the Greyton Supermarket & Hardware. The vehicle pictured was stationary at the time when a reversing bakkie from the opposite hit it.

Saps were on the scene shortly thereafter and the driver of the bakkie was taken for medical attention and was later hospitalised. While we might be in Greyton it does not mean that one can give up paying attention. Local resident Elizabeth De Kock says that this is the second incident recently and two other vehicles in similar circumstances were also involved in a minor incident at approximately the same place. Whenever driving caution and attention is required wherever you are.

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Greyton Gun Club AGM Shoot 17

2017 AGM Shoot

The after lunch crowd shooting some fine sporting.

Members and friends gathered for the clubs annual general meeting shoot on the 26th of August amid some very fine weather with little or no wind. Shooting started 30 min late on account of emergency repairs to the range. Unfortunately it seems that in the night instillations only completed the day before were removed. Of note James Sedgwick and Solms Beyers were quick off the mark putting in a very credible 22 in the first sporting detail. The shooting on the trap range was not as good and the long layoff seems to have left all a little rusty.


As a result of pressing matters on the agenda members retired to the Oak and Vigne at 1200 to deliberate. The first point of order was the election of a new Chairman. Members voted in unanimity to elect Hubertus Sauma Jeltsch to the chair. He will be assisted in his new role by John Reader as RSO and Nick Downing as Club Treasurer. There were several other discussion and important resolutions taken and we refer members to the minutes if they were not present.

Members and guests returned to the range after a long lunch for some more shooting. Guests attending the lunch were Daniel Erasmus, Jonathan Beyers, Denzil and Kari Haenow. Several of whom will be joining the club. Lunch was a most pleasant affair and the bill was collected by the club. Please note that we have been invited to shoot at Hermanus next month in the first of a series of friendly interclubs. The HGC has just bought a new trap machine and we will be shooting a trap and skeet event. There will be a braai afterwards, details will be supplied closer to the time.


The trap range say no more!

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New entrant to the Greyton Holiday Rental Market. 35 Main Road

Living Area Unit 1

35 Main is located just off the main road in private garden and consists of three self-contained apartments. New to the market and in immaculate condition these home away from homes could suit many. They are completely private yet provide and excellent springboard to explore the rest of Greyton or the surrounding area. Its location is also within easy walking distance of many of towns shops and eateries. Each guest is greeted by fresh crisp linen on large comfortable beds and fluffy towels. Check in after 14h00 and check out before 11h00 any day of the week.

Apartments are serviced every two days and additional daily servicing can be arranged. Bedrooms are upstairs so guest are required to ascend stairs.

For queries and bookings email

Collage Unit2 Living

Unit 2

Come and go as you like with this great getaway. Downstairs you will find a self-contained living dining area which opens out through double doors onto a covered veranda. It is perfect for the two. The kitchen is more than ample to rustle up something nice and comes with everything you could need. Upstairs there is a large open plan bedroom with en-suite bathroom which faces towards the mountains and catches the early morning light as it escapes from behind the mountains.

Collage Unit3.1

Unit 3

This unit is the smallest of the three and is an ideal bolt hole. A beautifully Mediterranean cosy apartment in the heart of Greyton literally a stone throw from all the attractions.It has one bedroom with an en-suite bathroom this may be well suited to the busy traveller or perfect just for two.All the colour and comfort you want to experience away from the city.

 For queries and bookings email





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Greyt Escape MTB Event 16 – 18 June 2017

MTB 180617

Nadia Visser flies past the Post House on the way to victory.

Nadia Visser flying into the finish on the third day with an impressive time of 02h14m24s.

For the first time this year the event was held over three days with the finish in the main road of Greyton just opposite 1854. On Sunday at 12h00 a prize giving and lunch was held in the large open marquee with family and guests. The weather this year was different on every day and so was the terrain.

The next event will be on the 2 & 3rd of September which is set to be another amazing weekend of fun and action.


Gert Elhers of The Oaks approaches the finish line at a civilized pace.

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