Fiber is coming to Greyton.

Fiber 1

The outlook for Greyton is getting brighter with the instillation of fiber. Steadily over the past three months you would have noticed this hard-working crew in and around town laying the cables. I have especially noticed it on the way to Riviersondereind and back towards the N2. It seems that the cable has been laid in a loop.

With this and recent changes in peoples working habits things are looking up. No doubt as soon as we are online and genie is out many works from home types won’t be able to resist the pull of the country. There just isn’t the need to fight the traffic and crowds anymore. In fact, other town’s in the Overberg are also now receiving a notable increase in interest. The laying of the main cables will be completed by the end of the August and we would hope that the first connections would be done shortly thereafter.

A term on the lips of some locals is that of a cyber village and with several online business operating already from Greyton more are set to arrive shortly. In the past operators have made use of wireless internet which got the job done but wasn’t ideal. These businesses are also starting to provide much needed employment opportunities in the area.

Fiber 2

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