Dirty surprise for Greyton Residents

Dirty water 2

Just after lunch yesterday reports started to emerge of the water turning muddy brown and by 5pm it was all over town. Apparently they had sucked a whole lot of mud and other nasties from the river and pumped it into  the main storage tank and then it ran into the whole system.

Residents are very angry and situation is not that much better today. Here is a statement form the municipality.

WATER SITUATION: The Wolwekloof supply is currently very brown. It has therefore been switched off, the dam was emptied & TWK are now filling it with borehole & Gobos water.
Greyton’s water is supplied from 3 reservoirs. Due to the situation, currently only one is being used. The other two will be flushed today.
A team will also be going out to check what the issue with Wolwekloof is. They will be “bleeding the system” which means they will open up the hydrants & let the water run out to try & clear it.
We have confirmed with TWK that the water is safe to drink.
Dirty Water 1

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