Greyton takes a direct hit from a strong cold front.


Falling tree at the top of main road ended up in the dining room.

Last night just after 20h30 an intense weather phenomenon struck end of Main Road and lower Vlei Street. This single event was very short lived and very localized. It seems to have struck the area with all the subtlety of brick through your patio window. While the rest of Greyton received and good amount of mainly wind it was nowhere near the scale of the localized event.

TD 1

First contact, seems that this is where touch down first happened before moving to the main road.

Many trees were uprooted and several very old oaks were completely destroyed. Several properties were damaged in this extreme wind, but luckily no injuries were reported. Amongst the damage were several vehicles that had all their windows smashed by flying debris. Residents in the area reported that the direction seemed to come from ENE as opposed to the usual north westerly direction.


This is a roof sheet from the house in the next picture two houses away. Roof sheet is bent around the tree indicating very high speed of 100kmh.

TWK was on the scene at first light this morning with several teams to clear blocked roads. Ryn Alsman of Twk informed me that they had been busy most of the night clearing roads and structures before moving onto Greyton.


Tree down and roof damaged close to the site of touch down.


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