Greyton Gun Club News for June.

Shoot 010619

Phillip Howe and Guy Emslie keep an eagle eye on Robbie Emslie

After nearly two years of delay TWK has decided to renew the lease for the Greyton Gun club. With this renewal the club has been able to commit substantial resources to its revival and upkeep. For a start the property has been fenced to keep out stray animals that over the years have caused considerable damage and most of the old installations have been replaced under the watchful eye of Guy Emslie. Also, many thanks Gemma Downing for repairing the little af dakkie, vandals had damaged the side walls and this was replaced with corrugated iron. It is also prudent to mention that the club will also now be used by law enforcement for practice when not in use by the members.

The first shoot on the new instillation started promptly on the 1st of June 2019 in near perfect conditions. This was a member’s only shoot not open to guests or visitors so as to work out any problems in the new layouts. After a few minor adjustments the range was ready to go and shooting got underway. Most participants made a good start on the very technical range with unfortunately the middle stands being the undoing of many a good score. Members elected to have lunch on the range which made for a pleasant change. Only one round of 50 English Sporting was shot in the afternoon before the range was closed. Morning shooters we joined in the afternoon by Philip Howe of Industrial Cartridge and Douglas Legg who top scored on 37/50.

Of interest there will be a member’s invitation event held by Guy Emslie on the 10th of July at the family farm just outside Greyton. This only open to all paid up members. If you have not yet been notified please contact the Chairman for details. ‘H.Saurma-Jeltsch’

The next clay shoot will be on the 29th of July at 09h45. The competition with be Greyton DTL 50 and English Sporting 50. You may shoot each discipline 3 times with best score on each to count. Prizes will be awarded.

The Greyton Gun Club is a designated shotgun club specializing in Sporting and Trap shooting only. The Club was founded in 1998 by the late Christopher Sedgwick and employs three staff. The Club is located outside Greyton on the Road to Riviersonderend on what were the grounds of the Greyton Women’s Pistol Club. Recently Greyton Conservation and its partners have cleared the final area of alien vegetation. This has left the site quite bare, but once the felled trees are cleared planting will commence with indigenous replacements.


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