A first class initiative. Big win for everyone.

Ground Force Main

Team photo headed by Ashley Snyders (left)

For those with an observant eye you may have noticed the alien vegetation around the Gun Club has been slowly disappearing. Without this enormous effort the black wattle and other nasties would be roof high and completely strangling the now recovering fynbos. It is interesting to note that the black wattle is able to exclude all but a few competitors. Indigenous plant species are just not able to get a root down in the competition for resources. The resulting ecological desert of sorts is of little use to either man nor beast.

Ground Force

Ashley directs him team to the thickest part of the infestation.

So, when a private initiative supported by a few locals not only deals with this serious threat, but also provides employment to some of our most in need this is a very good thing. If you look carefully at the photo you may in fact you notice a few faces that are normally found permanently encamped outside the bottle store! Now not so as three days a week they hard at work clearing.

On several occasions I have had the opportunity to chat to some of the employed and it is truly miraculous how just a small job and something to take home after work is helping. Pride and sense of accomplishment is immediately apparent and a small degree of hope has replaced hopelessness.

All congratulations to a project well-conceived and executed. If by chance you could see yourself clear to assisting in anyway please contact Lisa and Martin on 082 787 5958.

Making a difference that really lasts! Double Whammy


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