Greyton Gun Club AGM Shoot 17

2017 AGM Shoot

The after lunch crowd shooting some fine sporting.

Members and friends gathered for the clubs annual general meeting shoot on the 26th of August amid some very fine weather with little or no wind. Shooting started 30 min late on account of emergency repairs to the range. Unfortunately it seems that in the night instillations only completed the day before were removed. Of note James Sedgwick and Solms Beyers were quick off the mark putting in a very credible 22 in the first sporting detail. The shooting on the trap range was not as good and the long layoff seems to have left all a little rusty.


As a result of pressing matters on the agenda members retired to the Oak and Vigne at 1200 to deliberate. The first point of order was the election of a new Chairman. Members voted in unanimity to elect Hubertus Sauma Jeltsch to the chair. He will be assisted in his new role by John Reader as RSO and Nick Downing as Club Treasurer. There were several other discussion and important resolutions taken and we refer members to the minutes if they were not present.

Members and guests returned to the range after a long lunch for some more shooting. Guests attending the lunch were Daniel Erasmus, Jonathan Beyers, Denzil and Kari Haenow. Several of whom will be joining the club. Lunch was a most pleasant affair and the bill was collected by the club. Please note that we have been invited to shoot at Hermanus next month in the first of a series of friendly interclubs. The HGC has just bought a new trap machine and we will be shooting a trap and skeet event. There will be a braai afterwards, details will be supplied closer to the time.


The trap range say no more!


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