Greyton house protests turn violent.


Greyton Market

Greyton market in ashes. Twk employees and residents on the clean up.


After intense night of protest Greyton residents are cleaning up and wondering how did we get here. At approx 17h30 a group of mainly local residents moved along the main road armed with tyres and some form of accelerant. As they marched down the main road they set fire to the tyres at all the road intersections in order to disrupt traffic. Minor damage was done to the road and other buildings in the area.

After much delay the police confronted and dispersed the protestors at 20h30 using stun grenades and rubber bullets. Fire and municipal vehicles were in attendance at this time. Unfortunately in the early hours of this morning protestors returned to torch the Greyton Market. Along with extensive damage a large collection of charity books was also destroyed.

During the protest a 14 year was hospitalized after being hit by a rubber bullet. Eight suspects have been arrested and heavy SAPS presence is clearly evident on the streets of Greyton.


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