Greyton Creative Arts Festival

Greyton Creative 1

Members and guests of the GGC pose after a successful first attempt.

Without a doubt this weekend’s activities were a huge success. All events were well attended and you could see and feel a real buzz in town. The weather also very kindly played its part with near summer like conditions.

For the first time as part of the weekend’s activities the Greyton Gun Club was open between 2-4pm for an introduction to the sport of Trap and Sporting shooting. As club the is located 1,5km from town it was initial expected that interest would be subdued. How wrong management was, at 13h59 the first group was on the line, (see main photos). Visitors were given a safety briefing and a short overview of the range before attempting a stationary target on the hill. This was followed by a visit to the trap range for a straight away and a few shots at a bouncing rabbit target. Members and visitors took great delight alike at the novice’s success, much support was evident from the sidelines with everyone hanging on the outcome of each shot. Broad smiles and excited chatter followed each success. Many were surprised at the ease at which some quickly grabbed the basics. There may be some hidden Olympic talent lurking in the shadows about to emerge.

Of interest was the fact that many of the participants seemed to have plan for the day, choosing to participate in as many events as possible. No doubt that this was the idea of the organizing committee from the start, but it is always good to plans being executed. All in all it seems that much fun was had by all on and off the range. Many thanks to the organizer for inviting the GGC to participate in the year’s event. This  weekend is MTB mountain biking which could be fun as it is raining!



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