Saved by the Rain !

Rainy 1

Well as the rest of the country is still suffering under an oppressive heatwave Greyton is breathing a collective sigh of relief. Fortunately Greyton and the surrounding areas received a much needed soaking of light rain that ended up giving us between 19 and 35mm. The 35mm being recorded under the mountain at the entrance to the nature reserve by Stuart Shearer. From this one can assume that substantially more rain fell in the mountains which will top up Greyton’s water supply nicely.

For most it was not the rain but the relief in temperature that was the most welcome. Today it’s a pleasant 22C from a high of just under 40 in the shade in the previous few days. In spite of the rain Greyton is still looking quite scorched and it will take a lot more than this to get back our usual self. While the temperatures are not that new to Greyton they are usually reserved for only a few days mid-February. We can only hope that it does not continue to get hotter as we move to this critical part of the year.


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