Greyton Gun Club Newsletter for November 2015

Mem 15 1.1

This year’s memorial event was one for the books, a fitting tribute to the extensive contributions made to Greyton and Langebaan Gun Clubs by Bjorn Bylin and Christopher Sedgwick. Family and friends travelled from far and wide take part, Anneline and the clan, Bo, Sasha, Brad, Craig, Craig W and Jene were in the thick of the action enjoying some fine shooting under the guidance of Jason Holtzhausen. From Langebaan we had Smit, Boetie, Hank, John, Gappa, Gabriel and there better halves. For the first time Elgin Sporting Clays joined us and was represented by Simon Smith, Hoffie Brand, Denzil and Kari Haenow whom I am pleased seemed to adapt well to the vagaries of our organization. Greyton was well represented and everyone’s assistance in running the event was much appreciated.

Mem 15 2.1

Events kicked off on Friday afternoon with members of the LGC battling a difficult windy layout before retiring to braai at the Au Berge.  A few alterations were made early Saturday but this only provided moderate relief. Shooting got under way on time after the salute and speeches by James Sedgwick (GGC) and Smit Myburg (LGC). In contrast to the tough shooting social events proceeded smoothly with a great sense of general camaraderie. At times there was as much noise coming from the club house as on the range! Lunch was a set menu at the Oak and Vigne courtesy of Christopher and Bjorn who are still looking after us and our guests.

Mem 15 3After lunch shooting resumed with a mild westerly which changed things yet again. Last details went on at 16h00 and thereafter scores were compiled and checked by club representatives. The prize giving was opened on the range with the presentation of a personalized flower arrangement to Anneline Bylin by Bea and Hubertus Sauma Jeltsch. Competitors, trappers and officials were thanked by Douglas Legg, James Sedgwick and Smit Myburg without whom the event would not have been such a success. For the first time in years Greyton won on 226, Langebaan was second on 220, Elgin was 3rd on 198 and Hermanus was 4th on 168. High gun, 1st Trap and `1st Sporting was Gabriel Dos Santos of the LGC. Scores and places for all the prizes attached. No doubt Langebaan will be back next year to reclaim the title.

Mem 15 4

Personally I was very proud to have to been part of this important remembrance event and the way everyone got stuck in. All participants conducted themselves in the spirit of the event with due consideration for others. If one remembers that we were given two ears and one mouth and use them in that ratio many annoyances are avoided. Also I hope that the Bylin’s will not wait too long before visiting us again, as they all seem quite at home on the range.

Mem 15 5

The final shoot of the year will be held on the 13th of December for the Club Championship. I have personally had a few words with the range setter and there will be a completely new layout fitting for the event. We will shoot ATA trap and Greyton sporting as normal which will get underway at 09h45.Please note that there will then be a substantial break for Christmas and the New Year until the GGC English Sporting Champs at the end of January 2016.




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