Greyton’s got Talent- AWS 2015

The 18th of July saw Greytonians take to the stage and entertain the village with their talented performances.  Picture the scene…….a chilly winter’s evening, glass of gluwein in hand…..delicious snacks on the tables….. comfortably seated waiting for the performers to come out on stage.

Annie Landon was the MC, and fined everyone left right and centre for a number of hilarious transgressions. A number of items were auctioned, and a substantial amount of money was raised. The final amount totalling R 56 000.00 means that Ann Andrews will now be able to embark on her goal to build a hospice for the animals that need special care.

The show was a huge success, with some really accomplished routines. I found Nan Walker, who was accompanied by the talented Mark du Plessis, a young pianist from Stellenbosch University, to be one of my favourites.

Mark Du Plessis and Nan Walker light up the stage.

Mark Du Plessis and Nan Walker light up the stage.

The other impressive performance was from the gumboot dancers, who added their own style and flair to a unique interpretation of the traditional gumboot dance. By adding a bit of rapping and a change to the routine, they completely made it their own, and stole the show.

Stomping up a storm!

Stomping up a storm!

All in all the evening was a huge success, and every single one the organisers can be very proud of their achievement.


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