2015 Greyton Gun Club English Sporting Championships

DSC03087A small group of dedicated shotists gathered in some light rain for the 6th Greyton Gun Club English sporting championships. Luckily the forecast was spot on and after two light showers the rain left for good. In the week prior to the event four of those days were above forty! So 24 C and a shower or two on the day was just perfect.  Also there was almost no wind making the field range much more shootable. This year’s layout was especially diverse with absolutely everything including the kitchen sink and then some. Special mention can be made of a midi under substantial power from the tower and a double normal double midi combination on stand 4 which most hit with only one shot. This resulted in most having a cartridge or two left over after the round and a few scratching heads as to how they had manage change from 50 shells. Visitor Simon Smith from the EGC smoked all the tower midis’ demonstrating that if taken early they were really quiet easy. Sadly after the midi he failed consistently much to everyone’s amazement on the second, a lazy left to right which dropped in the bushes only 25 yards away. Most failed to change gears missing over the top and in front after aggressively attacking the midi. Scores were higher than last year, with Nick Downing and John Reader making light work of some technical targets. All participants agreed that it was loads of fun and there was much banter between stands.  I have attached the score sheet for your records. As per tradition there will be no shoot in Feb on account of the heat. May I suggest to those wishing to shoot that we might consider an outing instead, maybe to another range. Please mail me if you are interested. Our next shoot will be on the 28thof March 2015. We are expecting a full house with the AGM at the Oak and Vigne. Notice of the AGM will be sent to members separately once finalized by the committee.


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