Jane Dohlhoff from Greyton sets new World Record in America!

Jane Dohlhoff on target!

Jane Dohlhoff on target!

Jane Dohlhoff is currently competing at the International Field Archery Association Championships in Yankton South Dakota. On Monday she set a new world record of 537 and yesterday equaled the current world record with a perfect score. Jane is now 41 points clear of the completion with a really good chance of taking her second World title.

The event is held over five days of which they are now on day 4. Go Jane!

Below is an extract from the local times that carried above picture on their front page!

“Monday’s opening round of the World Field Championships proved to be a rather memorable one for Jane Dohlhoff.

The archer from South Africa shot a world record score of 537 in Monday’s 28-target field round.

“I kind of had a feeling all day,” she said. “It made me feel quite anxious. I knew it was a possibility, but that meant more pressure.”

Dohlhoff won the IFAA World Field title in 2012 when the tournament was held in Argentina. That was the closest she has been to competing in the United States, she said.

“I was once in New York, but that was on holiday,” Dohlhoff said.

Could she win another title in 2014?

“Hopefully,” she said with a smile.

“Plus, it would be harder under these conditions,” she added, referring to the morning rainfall and muddy fields.

With wet conditions, archers have to take into account their bow strings absorbing water, which affects the flight of the arrow, Dohlhoff said.

“And for me, I have to make sure my glasses stay clear,” she added.”


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