Greyton Gun Club April/May


RSO J. Reader directs the action!

RSO J. Reader directs the action!


Now and again you get some stunning autumn days in Greyton and this Saturday was one of those. No wind with a day time temp of 25 C made being out and about a real pleasure. On the oak trees heavy browns interspersed with the occasional vibrant shot of yellow lets everyone know that winter is on the way. If you have been keeping an eye on the forecasts then you may have notice a steady procession of rolling cold fronts now ominously marching past the Southern Cape. If this persists we will be in for a very wet and cold winter.

There were two sporting ranges on offer and ATA Trap. The first a standard layout on the field range starting under the hill and ending in front of the club house which shot considerably easier than the second the Bush range. It had its first stand on the hill with tough targets below the feet dropping from left to right. The rest were in heavily wooded areas requiring quick shooting through small gaps. We will do some more clearing for the next shoot which should even things out.

In spite of the tough shooting members retired to the oak and vigne for a very entertaining lunch. A special of fillet steak and chips went down a treat with plenty laughs and jokes. Towards the end of lunch it was touch and go as to whether shooting would resume. Reluctantly members returned to the range at 15h30 for two rounds before packing up.


The Ridgway Brothers (Team Olimpia trainees for 2028 & 2032)

The Ridgway Brothers (Team Olimpia trainees 2028 & 2032)

Our next shoot will be on the 31st of May starting at 10h00, there will also be practice on Friday the 30th from 14h30. On a final note Bobby is coming to visit so I will keep a close eye out for snow!


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