Greyton Gun Club Newsletter for May 2013

Its that easy Boys!

Its that easy Boys!

A small group of members and guests gathered on the 27th of April for the monthly event. At this time of the year you can feel that winter is on its way with cold, clear breathless mornings ideal for shooting. In the early morning light you can see the targets from what feels like a mile, as bright orange beacons against a dark emerald background. They appeared to glide slowly across the field before settling effortlessly onto the wet grass 80 yards away. The cool denser morning air inviting many a slapdash attempt by complacent shotists.

Most participants made a good start on the very technical bush range having to take first and second shots on either side of carefully positioned obstacles. After this the usual suspects Laurence Du Plessis and Tom Liebenberg put in solid scores on the trap range. So far so good with only the field layout to go, the day it seemed in the bag to most. Not so! The scores on field range were rubbish to say the least with the only high light Tom Liebenberg straighting the last peg in style to end joint high gun for the detail with Laurence. The score 14!

Two members returned after lunch with Oscar Downing who brought along two friends (featured below) to try their hand on the trap range. Supervised by myself and Nick they wasted no time demonstrating that it really isn’t that difficult. Whether you have a skeet gun or borrowed S\S chocked ¾ & full by just pointing the gun in the right direction the clays will effortlessly disintegrate on command! If that was not enough Gemma Downing put in short and perfect display to close the day. Maybe there is a lesson for the older hands somewhere in here.

LR Shaun, Oscar, Johnnie "This is easier than it looks" Johnnie

LR Shaun, Oscar, Johnnie “This is easier than it looks” Johnnie

The next shoot will be on the 25th of May at 09h45. The competition will be Greyton DTL 50 and Greyton Super Sporting 50. You may shoot each discipline 3 times with best score on each to count. Prizes will be awarded.

Overall  High Gun             L. Duplessis         2nd          T. Liebenberg (on count back)

BUSHMASTER and winner of the Scotch D. Legg 21/25


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