2013 GGC English Sporting

2013 finalists just before the main event!

2013 finalists just before the main event!

On the Range by Douglas Legg

On the 26th of January members and guests competed for the 2013 Greyton Sporting Doubles title. The weather was mild for this time of year with a light SE and max of only 28 C. Competitors took on three layouts of varying difficulty containing 9 stands showing 75 targets.  The lead changed several times with little to separate the leaders until stand 6 on the blue range. A lazy double off the hill lulled most into false sense of security.  They proved a little further and slightly faster than perceived undoing all but the best!  See below for the winning scores.

What is sporting clays? Sporting clay target shooting simulates real field shooting situations using clay targets of various shapes and sizes. Targets can be presented in singles or doubles and no presentation is the same. Scoring is simply a hit or miss as judged by the umpire. Who can easily identified by his scoreboard and pen that is more akin to director’s baton when the action starts!

Here is a short description of what I mean by action. With one word two small orange specs appear high above the shotists. At first appearing still, then clearing the hill and arcing against the sky at increasing speed towards the shotist. Eye’s intensely focusing the shotist mounts his gun. He swings quickly at the first and fires only to see the second trailing some three feet behind disappear in an orange black dusty smudge. The second shot follows quickly, wide, at the first which is by now out of range and disappearing into a small thicket.

“Solid first Mark!” is the comment by someone in the group. “Very funny, wasn’t aiming at that one” the reply.

1st D.Legg (59) 2nd W.Bishop (53) 3rd Holtzhausen (42)

The next shoot and AGM will on the 23 March 2013.



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