Greyton Xmas Shoot 2012

E. Winfield, T. Barnes, M. Downing, D.Legg, H.Sauma-Yeltsch (Umpire), N. Downing, Oscar Downing breaking targets like a pro!

On the 15th of December 2012 Greyton Gun Club rounded off another successful year with the Open Xmas Shoot. The weather was near perfect for this time of year, cool, overcast with a slight breeze from the South East. Members brought along friends and family interested in trying their hand at this exciting sport. It was also our Chairman James Sedgwick’s birthday and many friends and members used the opportunity to visit Greyton try the shooting and enjoy the birthday lunch at the Oak & Vigne.

Guests E. Winfield and T. Barnes

Guests E. Winfield and T. Barnes

This year we had several interesting visitors including Michael Goodie (from Melbourne Australia on his annual holiday), up and coming shotists Thomas Barnes and Oscar Downing . Who put in a fine performance keeping the many members focused and the scoreboard ticking over.

After a great day enjoyed by all a small closing ceremony was held on the range in which the Chairman took the opportunity to thank all members and staff for their contribution to the successful year. Staff were then present with presents and a 13th check. At 18h00 members dispersed in an orderly fashion secure in the knowledge that we will do it all again next year!


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