J.Sedgwick, M.Sedgwick & D.Legg (not recent)

Shooting this weekend was the most exciting in years. Strong West to North West winds with unpredictable gusts kept everyone guessing. As a result you never got the same target twice. Just hitting one in these conditions solicited great cheers from the fellow shotists and even the umpire.

Conditions seemed to change every five minutes and we had all four season in just one day. Some amazing shots were made by competitors with ease while a lame rabbit 15 yards in front proved near impossible to many. This only further encouraged the insults and cheering. All fine and well as long as it was not you doing the missing.

In spite of this some half decent scores were produced with James Sedgwick and Douglas Legg on 37 and Handicap high scores Nick Downing and Bjorn Bylin on 43. Lunch was held at held Oak and Vigne and provided for a good rest before members continued in the windy afternoon conditions.

The 15th of December is the Christmas Shoot and members are encouraged to bring along friends and family that wish to have a go. Also it is our Chairman’s birthday and you are invited to come and spend a fun day’s shooting with him. There will prizes for the strangest of events most should qualify just by shooting.

Prizes were awarded as follows.

Club Handicap High Gun  B. Bylin 43 – N.Downing  43

HOA.  James Sedgwick 37 and Douglas Legg 37

 Trap Handicap N. Downing 25 2nd Hubertus Saurma Jeltsch 24

Trap HOA D. Legg 19 2nd J. Sedgwick 17

Sporting Handicap B Bylin 24 2nd N. Downing 18

HOA Sporting J.Sedgwick 20 2nd D.Legg  18


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