Celebrating Nelson Mandela’s Birthday with time at Greyton Animal Welfare Shop

Greyton Animal Welfare Shop

Douglas Legg with Karen Du Toit and a few happy customers.

There is no greater cause than helping those that cannot help themselves. In this regard recognition must be given to the work of the Animal Welfare Society in Greyton. They don’t just cover Greyton but have vehicles and staff that reach out to the communities of Genadendal,Boemanskloof, Breaville and Voorstekraal. For years now with little fuss the dedicated members of this Society have made an enormous impact in the local communities. Their campaign to sterilize animals and help those in need has but almost removed the sight starving strays scratching through rubbish for scraps.

While their job is never done and there is always another that needs to be rescued from a life of starvation and torment their often unseen work deserves a lot more credit than they are getting.

This year it was a great pleasure to assist at the shop and get to know some of the dedicated staff. In order to help all you have to do is go and have a look at the shop which has some amazing stuff and practically giveaway prices! Everything is welcome, if you have any old stuff you don’t want just put it in a box and drop it off. To you it might be junk but to others it is a little treasure.

The are located in the at 37b Main Road Greyton opposite Searles and next to Pam Golding Properties Greyton.



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