On Target in Greyton

Greyton Gun Club 30th June 2012

James Sedgwick presenting Laurence Du Plessis with a GGC 25 Straight
Background Tom Liebenberg

Members and friends gathered on Saturday the 30th for the monthly shoot. Unseasonaly the weather was excellent with little or no wind and just enough cloud to keep the sun out of the early morning shooters eyes.

Two sporting ranges were on offer with a special stand prize for the best score on the final stand of the field range and a bonus point on offer for a devious double that appeared on report on the bush range. Three birds with two shots! Surprisingly many missed the lazy tower target and killed the double with the second to end all square on the stand. Unconventional, yes absolutely but then GGC members have never shied away from a few funny birds in the bushes.

On the whole shooting was well above average and all participants can take pride in the fact that they killing targets regularly that a few months ago would have been unthinkable. Top shots on the Bush Range were Douglas Legg and James Sedgwick on 21. Field range James Sedgwick 19. On trap Laurence Du Plessis and Douglas Legg 25 straight. Stand prize on the field range was a tie between Solms Beyers and Greg Altona Deklerk with 4/6. Well done guys!

We are pleased to report that we have two new applications for membership by Lulu Ridgway and Solms Beyers. Should members have any comments please make them in writing to the Chairman swiftly.

Our next shoot will be on the 28 th of July 2012 at 10h00. Practice will be open from 14h30. RSVP before the 26th otherwise I will use the time with the trappers to put in a few nice bulbs for the spring and arrange the pansy’s sprinkled with fox’s gloves at the gate.

Head down on target.


Tips and Thoughts. Recently I have noticed the there has been an increase in sledging at the club. This shoot was a good example where several minor comments seemed to upset the chairman and he failed on the final stand spoiling an otherwise solid performance. While it might seem very funny to some, having your round spoiled by a smart arse is bad form. Kindly reserve you council if in doubt.


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