Greyton Gun Club Interclub Competition May 2012


LGC looking for rabbits and their reputation in the long grass.

The week before the shoot saw a flurry of activity to get everything ready for the visitors. This included repairs to stand 1, pinning the cross boards on the club house and cutting down the grass so the rabbit target was visible. It also rained in the week and a slow cold front took forever to pass through the Overberg.

Some of our members and guests arrived on Friday and were able to take a few practice shots on the sporting range before it got too dark and wet. Saturday morning turned up a gem against all odds and with the better weather guests and members turned out in force.

Hermanus on the trap range!

Competition started promptly at 09h30 with Hermanus tackling the sporting range first. In the early light the dropping battue, which came off the hill and landed in a bush 35 yards from the stand was very difficult. In spite of this some competent scores were lodged on a very tough layout and the game was on. Langebaan and Greyton made their start on the Trap range and soon wished they hadn’t. Early scores were average to say the least with little improvement throughout the day. Conversely Hermanus got stuck into the Trap range making full use of their allotted rounds. L. Du Plessis and T. Liebenberg put up their hands with 24’s and there was little or no reponse from the locals, the best being 22 from J. Sedgwick and 21 from D.Legg. Langebaan were clearly pacing themselves for a long day and avoiding burnout at all costs. Unfortunately a late afternoon peak failed to materialise probably derailed by the extended lunch.

Sporting on the other hand was dominated in the morning session by Douglas Legg with 22 and 20 by Gabriel Dos Santos. There were four 18’s but not a lot else to shout about. Members and guest then retired to the Oak and Vigne Cafe for a lunch. After lunch a much more relaxed field returned and shooting took on a jovial nature. The afternoon saw no real improvement on the morning scores, members and quests then continued shooting until the light faded. For those that remained ragging your mate and having a good time was worth far more than trying unseat a steady Hermanus.

Gabriel Stamps on 5 crossing.

As a result scores had to be counted by car light and a hastily convened prize giving was held in the dark. Which was much more of a lucky draw as to who got what. Hermanus Gun Club won the event with a convincing 121 beating Greyton on 116 and Langebaan on 105. Well done to Hermanus! For all the winners and losers please see the previous article.

Members and guests had such good fun that it was decided that they would do it all again on the 29th of September. Many thanks to all our guests without whom we could not have the event and to all our members who gave up their time to make this institution yet another year to remember. We are already looking forward to the rematch, until then take care and good shooting ladies and gentlemen!



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