Greyton on fire this Weekend!


Just a after 11h00 on Saturday the 19th smoke began to rise in the direction of Park Road. At first in the cool morning air it could have been imagined that it was just someone getting rid of the autumn leaves, but sadly it changed to an ominous black colour.

The fire takes hold.

Within a very short period of time Greyton’s residents and the local fire team were on the scene with their equipement. In spite of their best efforts they were unable to contain the fire and it engulfed most of the property. This was later extinguished by Overberg fire trucks that arrived on the scene within 15 mins. The fire trucks have to come from Caledon so this is to be expected. All occupants escaped the fire with one suffering minor injuries. Reports suggest that it may have been caused by a gas heater.

In the past 14 years there have only been a handful of fires that have caused significant damage to property. This in spite of the fact that each year there are large mountain fires. Neither property was thatch going against the common perception that they are the ones at risk.

Overberg Fire Department in action.

At all times open flames should be treated with the greatest respect. It seems that these are the only facts in common to both events. Also it appears in most cases it is the actions or reactions of those present that ultimately determine whether it becomes a major event. Having a plan will in most cases put you ahead of the curve.



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