Greyton Gun Club Meeting 5th May 2012

Greyton Gun Club is a small country sporting and trap shooting club located near the picturesque town of Greyton R.S.A. The club has been in existence 15 years and at its core has been focused on promoting the sport of clay shooting and entertaining its members that are mostly gentlemen of the right sort.

James Sedwick (Chairman stretches for a long target with Greyton rolling hills as a background)

James Sedgwick (Chairman stretches for a long target with Greyton’s rolling hills as a backdrop)

The weather for the shoot this month was near perfect with a light easterly wind and little or no cloud cover. Turnout was good with Hermanus Gun Club putting in a strong appearance prior to this months interclub. The format for the sporting range was as near to race day as possible without giving the game away.

At lunch members retired to the Oak and Vigne for a very pleasant gathering taking food and wine until 14h30. Afternoon shooting saw no improvement on the average scores of the morning. The highest score on the sporting range was 18 achieved by Legg, Bishop and Sedgwick. (Really Gentlemen). The only bright part of the afternoons shooting was Nick Downing’s son Oscar who only missed out on beating his old man by one on his very first outing. Well done Oscar! Head down and you teach us all a lesson sooner or later.

Oscar Downing smashing clays on the Trap Range in a do or die final with his old man.

Nick Downing also brought along his friend Edward Winfield from the Uk who has recently moved to Greyton and will be joining our club shortly. We all wish him the best and hope that he can break into double figures shortly.

Attention must turn to the CEC Sedgwick Memorial Trophy on the 26 May 2012 starting at 09h30. Last year Hermanus Gun Club won by one point making it an exceptionally close affair, Langebaan and Greyton look forward to the chance of redemption.

The program for the weekend will be announced shortly so please keep an eye out.

Head down on target.



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